Re: [OT] Just a few things....

from Andreas Dombrowsky <>
subject Re: [OT] Just a few things....
date Fri, 02 Oct 1998 23:09:16 +0200
A goddess in general certainly. These particular three are quite a bit harder
to imagine with short hair. As it has come up anyway, is it my imagination, or
is Skuld wearing the hairdo of a certain "Bunny" in Vol. 14?

B.P. Suverkropp schrieb:

> > 1. I don't know if this has been discussed (it probably has been) but why
> > does Fujishima-san draw the hair so long that it goes down to the
> > feet(well...almost)? I'm just curious.
> Well, they're Goddesses. Can you imagine a Goddess with short hair? And
> yeah, I think it's gorgeous!
> (I'm fortunate to live in a place where many women have very long hair).
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