[OT] Just a few things....

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subject [OT] Just a few things....
date Fri, 2 Oct 1998 01:47:58 -0400
1. I don't know if this has been discussed (it probably has been) but why
does Fujishima-san draw the hair so long that it goes down to the
feet(well...almost)? I'm just curious.

2. Comment -- rec.arts.anime.info: My first time comign across this
newsgroup and it seems that Doi-san is the only one that posts
there...unless I'm wrong.

3. There is now a Sakura Taisen ML...

To subscribe, send an e-mail to listserv@listserv.buffalo.edu with the
folowing line in the body: 

sub sakurataisen-list your-first-name your-last-name 

where your-first-name is your first name and your-last-name is your last
name. Or if you prefer to be anonymous, use

sub sakurataisen-list anonymous

No subject is necessary. You'll get a confirmation message, to which you
need to reply with "ok" in 48 hours. Then you'll be on the list, and can
send mail to sakurataisen-list@listserv.buffalo.edu.

More details at http://wings.buffalo.edu/~paulchi/.

4. Comment -- There is alot of Ranma fanfics at rec.arts.anime.creative.
And there are some AMG/Ranma crossovers.

and that's it...

-- thomas-i1@juno.com

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