Re: This week's AMG B&W Caledar pic.

from Tsunami <>
subject Re: This week's AMG B&W Caledar pic.
date Thu, 01 Oct 1998 18:19:44 +0100
Christian, Jennifer, and Danielle wrote:
> If it's the CD thing I still don't know how to use...
> YES!  I have it.
> Christian

OK, just for you, how to use it.
You will need to install it onto your machine, but when it asks you to
name the folder you want it to instal to, you must type in a name in
english, W95 doesn't recognise folder names in Japanese.
Then you need to go to your control panel folder(Start, settings,
control panels), and double click on your regional settings icon. Click
on the Date tab, and change the dd/YY/mm to yy/MM/dd. You should now be
able to run the calendar, tho you may also need a few DLL's that you can
find around the net (vbrun 20 and 30 I think)

Hope this is of some help.

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