Re: AMG! Artbook {?}

from Kenji Shimizu <>
subject Re: AMG! Artbook {?}
date Fri, 02 Oct 1998 02:51:02 +0900
Christian, Jennifer, and Danielle wrote:
> Kombanwa Mina-san,
>     Does anyone know if and when there was ever an Artbook released for
> AMG!?

 Lots..... it's on the... was it 13th pressing now...? (can't
remeber.... )
> If so, how rare is it in Japan?

 not at all... if it's on the 13th pressing.... (if you have the first
press, all the way up to the latest edition (all the pressing) as a
collection, then it's a big deal ^_^;;;;

Kenji Shimizu

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