Re: [OT] Pachinko (was Re: megami ML matome okuri (with a side

from Kenji Shimizu <>
subject Re: [OT] Pachinko (was Re: megami ML matome okuri (with a side
date Fri, 02 Oct 1998 02:49:28 +0900
Stephen Lee wrote:

> At 01:11 98/10/02 +0900, you wrote:
> >By the by.  Who in there right mind would want to spend an evening out
> >losing money in a Pachinko machine?  I did some research on the subject
> >for a class and I would have to say that any Gaijin who visit are merely
> >paying for the smoke-filled atmosphere, cause they aren't going to win
> >anything.
> Could you elaborate a bit?  I'm interest in that but haven't actually played
> one yet.  One of my co-worker once told me he won from one, though I don't
> know what his average record is...

 Better not play it... you have to be a Pachi-pro or reallylucky to win
^_^;;; (if you can pull yourself off at Las Vagas with luck, then maybe
consider pachinko... or else... study it.. -_-;;;)... unless you love
losing money while you gamble... ^_^;;;

Kenji Shimizu

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