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subject endings on Sakura Taisen (was: Re: calenders, topics, rules, etc....)
date Fri, 02 Oct 1998 01:38:14 +0900
Chris Pascual wrote:


> Hey, I have a friend who plays Sakura Taisen 1 and 2 constantly.  It seem
> s pretty cool.  Reminds me of FF Tactics, but with cooler story scenes
> (Hey, it's Fujishima art, of course it's cool!)   Actually, if anyone cou
> ld help out as to how to get the different endings on the ST games, I'm
> sure my friend would be very happy (He knows very little Japanese and whe
> never I go over to his store while he's playing, he goes 'Chris!  Transla
> te this for me!"  And I probably don't even know 500 Kanji yet!  (that
> say nothing about my lack of knowledge of Kanji combonations. . .)

 there are official guidebooks out for both Sakura Taisen 1 and 2... you
can pick them up (or order them) at your local book store... the price
might be a bit higher then your average stuff... but if you're a big
fan.... might find it worth it ^_^;;; (shows you everything, like how to
sneak and take a look at the shower sceens (of all characters), Iris
chaning/un-dressing sceen (during the mini-game)... (Sakura Taisen 1)
... as for Sakura Taisen 2... ahven't had time to pick up the guide book
yet ^_^;; (nor play the game that much... ;_;)
> > (people, buy a saturn!
> > <-joke...don't... the next machine is comming out.... very very
> > soon...... I wonder if they will re-stock on the 2nd Nadeshiko game...
> > missed it... and now, sold out... less fun to follow the movie without
> > playing the game... ;_;)
> Is the game that essential to understanding the movie?  How linked is the
>  story?

 ...watching the Nadeshiko Movie was fun (at least, I'd give a rather
high score...) the game is supposed to fill in the "blank" of 3 years
between the last TV episode, and the movie.... (the title of the game is
"the blank of 3 years" (might be off by 1-2 words ^_^;;;) ...can't find
a copy these day.... sold out... hope they re-stock soon for the
desparate fans comming this winter ^_^;;;

Kenji Shimizu

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