Re: Decided (NOISE)

from Kenji Shimizu <>
subject Re: Decided (NOISE)
date Fri, 02 Oct 1998 01:32:01 +0900
Stephen Lee wrote:

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> At 10:57 98/09/29 -0400, you wrote:
> >I give up.  It is quite apparent to me who thinks they are running the show
> >around here, and apprently this person is one of those who hears only what
> >he wants to her, not to mention the fact that this person is incredibly
> >rude.
> I see your point.  I do sometimes have similiar feelings as you on
> copyrighted stuff, and had tried to use the excuses in your first
> message Re: We are only human!.  However, I do realize they are only
> that, excuses.  I personally have seen this kind of debate too many
> times that I can recite the counterargument to that:
>         Access to copyrighted material is a luxury, not a right.
>         If you can't afford it you shouldn't get it.

 (Gee.... sounds like someoe we know ^_^;)
> Not that I stick to it 100%, but this is something I think you should
> also think about.
> AND, (this is the important part), to me, and certainly many people on
> this list, AMS is a special series with a special place in each of our
> hearts.  To speak of pirating AMS stuff on this list *IS* violating
> our feelings.  I was offended by the notion.  But I understand there
> are people who don't like the series as much as I do so I try not to
> overreact.  But I do hope that people would take such activities off
> this list.

 ...........yes... but even before that..... it's violation of the ML
rules...... (if one does not like it... well, don't tell us... tell the
> Now, I agree that Kenji has indeed been quite rude, but he does have a
> point.  (Kenji, you started calling people stupid first, during what
> was still a pretty civil discussion. 

 I don't define any hostile messages "civil".... (no matter how "soft"
the words are, if they mean to be "offensive", that's when I no longer
listen to it (ignore) or talk back (like what happened...)
 The tone of the voice or words does not always reflect what the
intended message is......

 ..besides, what kind of a person continues to violate the rules, even
though he/zhe has been told it's a violation, (in addition, I even gave
examples, and solid evidence! (ie; copyright messages that usualy
appears in CDs, LDs, etc...) and YET still argues it's "OK" to break
that exsisting law, in addition to ML rules... (dubble violation)... I
can't say that person is the smartest person in the world.... (bringing
both legal authorities (police, lawers, etc._ and ML authority aginst
him/herself... You still belive that person is "smart" in doing so???

> Even if you think you are right, wouldn't speaking more calmly get your 
> point across to the other person easier?)

 after sending 2-3 messages in a cilvi manner? (which the message
doesn't seem to get thorugh to that guy?) You still think it should be
done in a "calm" manner????

> Please also consider the fact the English is not his mother language 
> and that he admitted later he realized he had been rude.

 ...he seemed to have understood my last message (before he decided to
quit) very well.... wonder why he didn't understand the other messages
sent to him before that particular message????? (puzzling...... ?_?)
> I hope we'll all try to make this a nicer list that Belldandy (or your
> favourite goddess(es)) will approve of.

If you don't enforce the MINIMUM rules amoung each other, you'll turn
this ML into a newsgroup.... or if we talk among Hitoshi's ML, then a
Ranma or a Tenchi ML... those are...... well.... subscribe to those MLs,
and you'll understand....

Kenji Shimizu

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