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from Hitoshi Doi <>
subject Re: Happy!
date Fri, 02 Oct 1998 01:25:15 +0900
Stephen wrote:
| I was going home from work, and decided to drop by a neighbourhood
| bookstore.  It had a big pop-up cardboard Belldandy figure promoting
| Afternoon magazine from one or two months ago in their window display.
|  I admired it every time I went to that bookstore.  And today they had
| a note on it: "Anyone who wants this can take it for free."  Of course
| I jumped at the chance.  I now have a 140+ cm tall Bell-chan standing
| in my room.

I saw it two days ago at Mandarake Nakano, 15000 yen.
They also had the Sakura one too (Sakura Taisen, not CC Sakura)..
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