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date Sat, 2 Aug 1997 22:28:23 +0100
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>  That's incorrect. It all depends on which magazine you read... Famitsu 
> and Playstation-related magazines all say that. but Saturn centered 
> games, and Gal-games magazine's stats don't agree with them. Also, Saturn

> games sales looks bad, compared to Play Station... that's because those 
> Sh*t heads at Sony decided not to allow used games outin the market... 
> (a*s-holes....) Saturn allowes used games sales, so "new" games sold 
> doens't look good, but the number of users are more than "what's sold 
> officially"... (counting in all these hidden figures is important in 
> Japan, if you really want to know what's gooing on ^_^;)
> 					Kenji Shimizu
In the UK, the PSX far outstrips the Saturn in sales, game sales and second
hand game sales. There is little doubt that is streets ahead as far as
number of users is concerned.

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