Re: AMG continuation (was

from "Tsunami@Jyurai" <>
subject Re: AMG continuation (was
date Sat, 2 Aug 1997 22:30:44 +0100

> GITS advantage is that it is a cohesive, self-contained story. The
> upcoming AMS movie, otoh, requires an advanced knowledge of the AMS
> backstory. SO....., it might be in AIC's interest to weave the 5 ova's
> together into a cohesive single story that tells the tale of the arrival
> and hijinks of the three megami. Lots of editing required, however. It
> would give the general moviegoing public the bacstory to the upcoming
> film.

And leave no time for any new story. I for one would be very disappointed
with such a movie. Much as I was with the Secret of blue water movie.

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