Re: R: Sakura Taisen?

from (Christopher J Luu)
subject Re: R: Sakura Taisen?
date Sun, 03 Aug 1997 05:51:13 EDT
On Sun, 03 Aug 1997 05:46:31 +0200 Lord Raphael von Matsch
<> writes:

>I believe all the converter affair may sound quite odd to Japanese
>people. The point is: the difference between JAP, US and PAL versions 
>actually NONE, just some sort of "protection codes" which makes CDs
>unable to run. I don't know WHY the guys at Sega (and Nintendo and
>Sony...) do this, but it's really IDIOT. A converter just skips the 

I read about this in some game magazine.....
I think the reason was because the some of the same games  were released
by different companies in different countries and etc.
It also ruins the beginning sales of like a hot title, in exp. FF VII. 
If a lot of people buy
the Japanese import  version, then no one buys the English one. 
I think that was correct......

Chris Luu

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