Re: Sakura Taisen vs Lunar

to "Megami ML" <>
from "Leonard Tai" <>
subject Re: Sakura Taisen vs Lunar
date Sun, 3 Aug 1997 13:01:32 +0800
Shimizu Kenji wrote:

>2) Sakura Taisen has lots of Gals... ^_^;

And Luna has Inoue Kikuko as Luna in Silver Star.

>3)Sakura Taisen has "shower sceens... and Iris changing.. and... (The 
>kist goes on...) Lunar only has one's in that deep forest 
>map... ;_; (difficult to get to, if your level is too low... -_-)

You mean the one with Luna in the river?
Shame on you Kenji-san... ^_^;;

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