Re: R: Sakura Taisen?

from Lord Raphael von Matsch <>
subject Re: R: Sakura Taisen?
date Sun, 03 Aug 1997 05:46:31 +0200
At 23.45 02/08/97 +0900, you wrote:


>On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Lord Raphael von Matsch wrote:


>> > Just out of curiosity, would I have to buy the Japanese Saturn to

>> > it?  (I've always wanted to ever since I found this really neat web

>> > on it.)


>> I believe any US or PAL Saturn should work as well if you own a

>> or, even better, an Action Replay. What's the point in buying a

>> without a universal game converter? ^_-


> If you use the converter, will Sega still gurantee it's product? (is=20

>that adapter from Sega?)


>					Kenji Shimizu

Obviously NOT! It's not by Sega, and Sega won't gurantee your Saturn if
you use it. But are you going to TELL THEM you used a converter?

I believe all the converter affair may sound quite odd to Japanese
people. The point is: the difference between JAP, US and PAL versions is
actually NONE, just some sort of "protection codes" which makes CDs
unable to run. I don't know WHY the guys at Sega (and Nintendo and
Sony...) do this, but it's really IDIOT. A converter just skips the area
code and lets the game run. There are methods to run CDs from different
areas in a PSX even without a converter. The existance itself of this
INTENTIONAL difference between JAP, US and PAL machines and CDs, no
matter the reason why they WANT it to exist, is the worst and most
senseless thing in the consolle market. Why should I be unable to run
just ANY game on my machine? Why should I wait for PAL versions
<italic><color><param>8080,0000,0000</param>(actually, of the games
available on the JAP market, only the best selling ones are converted to
US, and only the best selling games in the US market are converted to PAL
- this means that since now no more than ONE/TWO RPGs for YEAR come to
Europe in PAL version for each gaming system: Shining Wisdom and (maybe)
Story of Thor are the ONLY RPGs available for PAL Saturn owners, and
Shining the Holy Ark will come in September; PAL PSX has 2: Suikoden and
Vandal Hearts, and maybe FF7 coming after the US
version)</color></italic>? Waiting for RPGs to be translated into English
is annoying enough even without having to deal with the US/PAL=20


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