Re: Another Brother for "CUTE"

from Craig Noyes <>
subject Re: Another Brother for "CUTE"
date Sat, 02 Aug 1997 20:59:39 -0400
Stevenson, Charles wrote:

> Folks -
> I just paid another visit to something called THE CUTE ZONE, formerly
> known
> as The Cute Page, to see how Skuld and her sisters were doing in that
> part
> of the forest.  This is a pile o' pages where you can cast your vote
> for
> your favorite "cute" character; where you can see the count so far;
> and
> where you can nominate new characters to the Zone.
> Skoo-chan had ten votes.  Only one person - the dearly beloved Catgirl
> Nuku
> Nuku - had more; she weighs in at 17.  The list, and the Zone
> generally,
> contains a host of CUTE characters, including some that even I haven't
> heard of.  Jessica Rabbit and Daisy Duck somehow didn't make the cut.
> . .
> So - If you want to get in there and pump up the vote, do a search on
> CUTE ZONE.  If you simply want to have your heart and soul
> reconfigured on
> a quantum level on up, check out THE CUTE ZONE.  If you want to undo
> years
> of careful programming by Washington, Hollywood and Wall Street, soak
> yourself in THE CUTE ZONE.  This amazing universe is the brain- and
> heart-child of Asuma Shinohara, blessed be he, one of the defining
> otaku of
> our generation.
> Stop by and say "Hi!"  You'll be glad you did!
> "How Sweet it Is,"
> Mendo Cha
> "For it's a land unknown to man where phantasy is fact!
> "So if you can, please understand - You might not come baaaaaack!"
>             - Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes, "Journey to the Center of the
> Mind"

   Great!  Uhhh....where is it?

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