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subject Re: [Off-topic] Anime Game
date Sun, 3 Aug 1997 01:14:37 +0900 (JST)
On Sun, 3 Aug 1997, Hitoshi Doi wrote:

> Chae wrote:
> | 
> | >I just started re-developing an interest in game consoles.  Might get
> | >a Saturn soon (to play Sakura Taisen).  It seems that Saturn get more
> | >Anime games than the Playstation, right?  Any anime games on the PS?
> | 
> |         I used to think so too, but I think the actual numbers favor PSX.
> For 2D cute girl games, there's more for the Saturn.

 ^_^ (that's one reason why most of us buys a Saturn ^_^;)

> | >I'm also wondering whether which version (Saturn or PS) of Tokimeki
> | >Memorial is better...
> | 
> |         I'm partial for Saturn version, since I have it.  I got the limited
> | edition one and am very happy with it.  The Saturn version is without the
> | "Katagiri" bug, although I never got that event when I played...
> Doesn't the Saturn have the option of having the player confess?
> I like the arcade Tokimemo.. (^_^;)
> | >BTW, how's the Saturn doing in Japan?  It is not doing well in the US. A
> | >lot of american game companies says they're not going to release more 
> | >Saturn games.
> | 
> |         As one mag tells it, the ratio is now almost 10 PSX to 1 Saturn
> | sold.  I think that PSX really has won the 32-bit battle, beating up on the
> | 64-bit Nintendo while at it.  The top gamesoft sales list is almost all PSX
> | games, with Saturn being next and Nintendo 64 being third.
> According to Oricon, 60% of software is PS, less than 20% Saturn,
> 5% N64, and 15% others (FX, Gameboy, PCE, SFC).
> But this is the general population.. not "otaku" types.

 This is software sales or hard ware sales? (either one, I wouldn't be 
suprised... Playstation has a wide range of users...)

> For those who like anime, Saturn could be beating PS.

 Probably is.

					Kenji Shimizu

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