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date Sun, 3 Aug 1997 00:00:07 +0900 (JST)
On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Chae An wrote:

> At 09:00 PM 8/1/97 -0400, Stephen Lee wrote:
> >While we are talking about anime games, do Shimizu-san or Anybody else 
> >have any comments about Slayers Royal?  I wonder if it is a good game or
>         I've only seen some reviews, but it seems a typical linear RPG game.
> It does introduce two (I think) new characters and it is voiced acted (from
> the review; I can't confirm) so it is a nice title for fans of the Slayers
> series.

 Seen the Demo before it came, and seen my friend play ot a bit. it's 
funny ^_^ Also, it's not a typical (traditional) RPG... You can attack 
your own team, etc..... It's startegy oriented battles. I think I'll get 
mine later... want to finish playing my Nadeshiko game first ^_^;)

> >not.  How about the two EVA games?  I might get them anyway just for the
> >collection but if they're good then it'll be better.
>         As for pure strategy and sim values, I heard that the Eva games are
> sub-par.  But for fans, those may take backseat to yet another Eva
> storyline.  I'm passing on these since I didn't like Eva that much.

 Well, it's OK for the first 2-3 games... after that, you might get sick 
of  the game... (well, for most RPG type game, if youplay it too many 
times, you get sick of it anyway ^_^;)
 Got my special trading card from it ^_^ (by buying Eva game)

> >I just started re-developing an interest in game consoles.  Might get
> >a Saturn soon (to play Sakura Taisen).  It seems that Saturn get more
> >Anime games than the Playstation, right?  Any anime games on the PS?
>         I used to think so too, but I think the actual numbers favor PSX.

 Yup. you got that right. (The number of Play Station greatly increased 
more, right before the release of Final Fantasy... )

> But generally on Saturn, characters on those anime-based games are 2D and
> sprite-based and look more anime-ish.  PSX apparently thinks polygon has
> some inherent intrinsic worth over sprites.  Reportedly, Saturn pushes
> sprites better, and for real anime-like characters, I favor sprite animation
> over polygons.  Also, Saturn has games from series I personally like, like
> Nadesico.  And since those RPG/sim games don't require a lot of power, even
> Saturn can turn those out and make'em run effortlessly.

 Don't forget all the H games and seiyu related stuff too ^_^; basically, 
it's better to have both Saturn and Play Station... well, if youlike 
anime over polgon, get Saturn... if you like polygon over anime, get 
Playstation... if you are a Otaku who likes strange games (or H games 
^_^;) get PCFX... ^_^; And if you are a super Otaku, with nothing to do 
in life, (joking ^_-) get a X68000... ^_^;;;

> >I'm also wondering whether which version (Saturn or PS) of Tokimeki
> >Memorial is better...
>         I'm partial for Saturn version, since I have it.  I got the limited
> edition one and am very happy with it.  The Saturn version is without the
> "Katagiri" bug, although I never got that event when I played...

 The Playstation version (special version) has more premium on it...But 
the Saturn one is better priced, so it's easier to get.

> >BTW, how's the Saturn doing in Japan?  It is not doing well in the US. A
> >lot of american game companies says they're not going to release more 
> >Saturn games.
>         As one mag tells it, the ratio is now almost 10 PSX to 1 Saturn
> sold.  I think that PSX really has won the 32-bit battle, beating up on the
> 64-bit Nintendo while at it.  The top gamesoft sales list is almost all PSX
> games, with Saturn being next and Nintendo 64 being third.

 That's incorrect. It all depends on which magazine you read... Famitsu 
and Playstation-related magazines all say that. but Saturn centered 
games, and Gal-games magazine's stats don't agree with them. Also, Saturn 
games sales looks bad, compared to Play Station... that's because those 
Sh*t heads at Sony decided not to allow used games outin the market... 
(a*s-holes....) Saturn allowes used games sales, so "new" games sold 
doens't look good, but the number of users are more than "what's sold 
officially"... (counting in all these hidden figures is important in 
Japan, if you really want to know what's gooing on ^_^;)

					Kenji Shimizu

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