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from (Dennis Carr)
subject Re: AMG continuation (was
date Fri, 01 Aug 1997 23:40:00 -0800
 > Sorry Les, but you know as well as I that at home formats don't
 > compare to the whole Big Screen/Dolby experience.

 This assumes you haven't shelled out the price of a high-end Pentium
 box for one of those home theater getups.

 > Sadly, there is no
 > conceivable argument that could be made to theatre owners to run, say,
 > an AMS in U.S. theatres. To them, it's a cartoon, and it's from a
 > relative unknown source (not Disney=not dollars). Sad, but true.

I dunno - the somewhat-near-me Mesa Theater in Costa Mesa, CA played
Ghost In The Shell last year - didn't do terribly bad, in fact, and
this was all from word-of-mouth-and-or-various-computer-networks

Dennis "Keiichi-Bob" Carr

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