Another Brother for "CUTE"

from (Stevenson, Charles)
subject Another Brother for "CUTE"
date Sat, 2 Aug 1997 01:38:19 -0500
Folks -

I just paid another visit to something called THE CUTE ZONE, formerly known
as The Cute Page, to see how Skuld and her sisters were doing in that part
of the forest.  This is a pile o' pages where you can cast your vote for
your favorite "cute" character; where you can see the count so far; and
where you can nominate new characters to the Zone.

Skoo-chan had ten votes.  Only one person - the dearly beloved Catgirl Nuku
Nuku - had more; she weighs in at 17.  The list, and the Zone generally,
contains a host of CUTE characters, including some that even I haven't
heard of.  Jessica Rabbit and Daisy Duck somehow didn't make the cut. . .

So - If you want to get in there and pump up the vote, do a search on THE
CUTE ZONE.  If you simply want to have your heart and soul reconfigured on
a quantum level on up, check out THE CUTE ZONE.  If you want to undo years
of careful programming by Washington, Hollywood and Wall Street, soak
yourself in THE CUTE ZONE.  This amazing universe is the brain- and
heart-child of Asuma Shinohara, blessed be he, one of the defining otaku of
our generation.

Stop by and say "Hi!"  You'll be glad you did!

"How Sweet it Is,"
Mendo Cha

"For it's a land unknown to man where phantasy is fact!
"So if you can, please understand - You might not come baaaaaack!"
            - Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes, "Journey to the Center of the Mind"

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