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subject Re: Comicket!
date Sat, 2 Aug 1997 02:07:55 +0900 (JST)
On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Lord Raphael von Matsch wrote:

> Kenji wrote:
> [snipping stuff]
> >circles bringing carry-on Dojinshi, instead of shipping it to the event 
> >hall...
> The word "Dojinshi"... What does it mean? (I'm sorry for being such an
> ignorant gaijin... I'm trying to learn what I can, day by day)

 Dojinshi is Dojinshi... (just think of it as a comic book, NOT drawn by 
the original author, but by fans, other profesionals, etc.) I don't know 
if I would call it Fan fic... but I guess that's the closest word I can 
think of.. (but still, I don't think Dojinshi is quite a fan-fic... It's 
a bit more than that... has a "deeper" meaning ^_^;

> [snipped the "rules" thing - I don't like _rules_ in general, but I
> understand they're sometimes needed]

 (Yes, the staff also doesn't like rules, so they try to minimize on it, 
and try not to "police" the participants. But, eveyone agrees, or 
understands that rules are needed, when it becomes THIS BIG... 
-_-...wasn't like this a long time ago... but it's gotten too big... -_-)

> > Anyway, looking through the catalouge, LOTS of Sakura Taisen, 
> >Sentimental graffity, Tokimomo (suprised it's going this long)....and 
> >many many tiles that I don't know of (and DON'T WANT TO KNOW anyway) on 
> Not a shoujo fan, right? ^_-

 No, I'm not a Yaoi Fan. (I like a fair amount of Shojo... Wedding Peach 
is one, Saint Tail is another, Marmalade boy is yet another, etc... (my 
list goes on ^_^;)

> >day one (aimed generally at the female audience ^_^;;;)
> >
> > Megami stuff can be found on day 3... (but only a handfull of circles 
> >T_T) same with Wedding Peach T_T (not much circles doing them now T_T) 
> Just curious... What happens on day 2?

1 IS GAME, ETC. ORIENTED.)... If you want to find some mai-cahn (from the 
arcade game) then day 1 or 3 is the best time, I think.

> [more snippin']
> >					Kenji Shimizu
> >Taicho, Chokan, etc... (taicho=squadron leader, chokan=cheif of 
> >command... both military (-like) titles... maybe they're military 
> >Otakus... yeah right...
> Interesting... Could an Otaku Army even conquer the World? ^_- Well, I'll
> fight on first line that day...

 Well, have you guys taken a look at Street fighter that's comming out? 
(got norimaro in there... an Otaku character... ^_^;)

					Kenji Shimizu

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