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from (Lord Raphael von Matsch)
subject Re: Comicket!
date Fri, 1 Aug 1997 01:04:15 GMT
Kenji wrote:
[snipping stuff]
>circles bringing carry-on Dojinshi, instead of shipping it to the event 

The word "Dojinshi"... What does it mean? (I'm sorry for being such an
ignorant gaijin... I'm trying to learn what I can, day by day)

[snipped the "rules" thing - I don't like _rules_ in general, but I
understand they're sometimes needed]

> Anyway, looking through the catalouge, LOTS of Sakura Taisen, 
>Sentimental graffity, Tokimomo (suprised it's going this long)....and 
>many many tiles that I don't know of (and DON'T WANT TO KNOW anyway) on 

Not a shoujo fan, right? ^_-

>day one (aimed generally at the female audience ^_^;;;)
> Megami stuff can be found on day 3... (but only a handfull of circles 
>T_T) same with Wedding Peach T_T (not much circles doing them now T_T) 

Just curious... What happens on day 2?

[more snippin']
>					Kenji Shimizu

>Taicho, Chokan, etc... (taicho=squadron leader, chokan=cheif of 
>command... both military (-like) titles... maybe they're military 
>Otakus... yeah right...

Interesting... Could an Otaku Army even conquer the World? ^_- Well, I'll
fight on first line that day...

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