subject Comicket!
date Fri, 1 Aug 1997 00:47:28 +0900 (JST)
 He he he ^_^. Very happy to know that there will be comciket this year 
again. only 14 more days till comicket ^o^

 This time, they probably couldn't fit all the stuff into one catalouge, 
and as a result, I had to buy 2 catalouges. ;_; (need 2 catalouges to 
attend the comicket for 3 days.) As a result from making the comicket 3 
days instead of 2, the number of people that's going to be there will be 
AT LEAST 600000... (very low estimation on my part...I wouldn't be 
suprised if more people showed up...)... the lowest estimation this year 
of the Dojinshi is 4600000... (wow!.... then agian, I don't think this is 
a big number considering the number of attendants...) Plus much more, if 
we count the non-Takkyu-bin (UPS? Parcel post?) sent dojinshi... meaning, 
circles bringing carry-on Dojinshi, instead of shipping it to the event 

 While looking at these Stupidly incredible numbers, and reveiwing at the 
new Cosplay rules, I just remembered about the flame war we had a while 
ago... well with these number of people, we NEED rules... or else.... 
(can't have selfish people at events like this.. -_-)

 Also, as usual, the Comicket staff isn't recived too well by the police 
and the fire marshal... they are both getting on their back, every time 
we have comicket T_T Some idiots can't follow rules (make excuses about 
their "right" and endangers the event... Some certain media isn't too 
friendly with the comicket either... (if they get a chance, they'll start 
bashing a while ago... -_-~)...more reasons why all of the 
participants MUST wlcome rules, not stop complaining about rules...

 Anyway, looking through the catalouge, LOTS of Sakura Taisen, 
Sentimental graffity, Tokimomo (suprised it's going this long)....and 
many many tiles that I don't know of (and DON'T WANT TO KNOW anyway) on 
day one (aimed generally at the female audience ^_^;;;)

 Megami stuff can be found on day 3... (but only a handfull of circles 
T_T) same with Wedding Peach T_T (not much circles doing them now T_T) 
Hope it doesn't bceom "cult" titles in the future T_T... Oh well... I 
guess I'll hunt down other dojinshi instead... there's more than enough 
Dojinshi to last a life time... (actually, I'll nedd 10 lives just to 
look at what's out at this comicket... if I ever thought about looking at 
the already exsisting dojinshi, haveing 10000lives probably won't be 
enough ;_;)\... scarry... -_-)

					Kenji Shimizu

PS... wonder how big comicket will be in 5 years... when it just started, 
(I think I wasn't born yet...) It was really really small then... wonder 
what Yonezawa Chokan (daihyo) thinks about it now...
 Also, why do the higher officials of Comicket have starnge names??? 
Taicho, Chokan, etc... (taicho=squadron leader, chokan=cheif of 
command... both military (-like) titles... maybe they're military 
Otakus... yeah right...

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